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From a small community on the Aupouri Peninsula is a little place we call home.

Coming home has always been so fulfilling, so after living abroad for many years, returning home to be part of the community we once grew up in, to experience home and all its natural beauty once again is a blessing to say the least.

We know firsthand what it’s like coming home to re-fuel & re-energise the wairua and having to leave again – wanting to take a piece of home with you but knowing its near impossible, and so we take a bunch of photos, we visit our sacred places, we eat as much as we can and we grab a souvenir on the way out. The past year and a half has been anything but that for whanau living abroad, so besides the fact that we are all proud to be from the FFN and will gladly promote it until the end of our days, we decided to fill the gap by first creating our own clothing for ourselves, and so far it looks like many others are interested too! So here we are, and this is us.

No matter where we travel, or how long we are gone, we are grounded here, we're always drawn home to Te Kao.

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